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HELP!! Sponsor needed

2 months ago
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Week 4
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Commented by Theia Theia
2 months ago

I will be splitting this diary up now.

Happy to report I managed to get the sponsorship deal sorted big thanks to Viparspectra for the XS 2000. I'm really excited to try this light out.

The pineape express clones are all in the flower room now and are on a 12/12 cycle as are the strawberry cough clones.

From this week I will start new diary for the clones in flower.

The purple urkle clones are all mutated and funky. They did not agree with being put back into veg but have done so anyway even if they are a bit annoyed. They will stay in veg a bit longer under my mars hydro SP150.

The real stars if the show though are the Sunset Chiquitas. These babies have been topped and are just beautiful. I think they deserve a diary of their own also so watch out for that.

That's all this week.

Grow well.

Stay safe :mask::mask:

Pineapple expresss

Sunset Chiquita

Purple urkle

Sunset Chiquita

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