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1st grow autoflowers

2 months ago
Room Type
Grow medium
Grow medium
Paper Towel
Germination Method
Germination Method
Paper Towel
Method used by 7188 growers
Statistics by method
Avg. success - 93%
Method popularity - 40%
Gorilla Glue
Avg. success
ILGM - 87%
Gorilla Glue - 87%
MK Ultra
Avg. success
ILGM - 87%
MK Ultra - 81%
Blue Dream
Avg. success
ILGM - 87%
Blue Dream - 86%
Photos & Videos
Commented by Anvjrc Anvjrc
2 months ago

Gorilla glue sprouted 2 days after being in soil. Still waiting on MK and Blue to make an appearance. Concentrating on humidity and temp. Soil has Fox Farm Happy Frog in a red solo cup.

Grow Questions
Anvjrc week 0 started grow question 2 months ago
Is this soil good for autoflowers?
I have Fox Farms Happy Frog, Ocean Forest and Strawberry Fields. I plan on transplanting from the solo cup to a 7 gallon mesh grow bags. I’m thinking to fill bottom half with 80% strawberry fields and 20% perlite. On the top, I was thinking 50/50 ocean forest and happy frog.
Other. Other
GrowCN answered grow question 2 months ago
I use Ocean Forest all the time. I mix 3 scoops potting with 1 scoop pearlite. I use Happy Frog for starting seeds but I don't like it as well as Ocean Forest for growing.
Burmese answered grow question 2 months ago
Hi there,Your soil mix plan is incredible. Just make sure they have good drainage and Normally plants don't need to feed until two or three weeks into vegetative stage.So I would like to advice you to put her in Solo cup for about two weeks before transplanting.In that way, Not only she can withstand nutrient rich soil but also will get bigger and healthier.Good luck and happy growing... :v:
Hempkid answered grow question 2 months ago
Should be great. I'd be careful with nutrients. These soils don't need any for about a month.
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spyder week 0

good luck with the grow,,,,,enjoy.

homerj week 0

Good luck with your grow mate!:muscle::muscle:

DoDrugs420 week 0

Spectacular my dude.

JamMAKEcan week 0

good luck with your grow:+1: and have fun with the grow buddy.and your harvest

DreamIT week 0

Enjoy growth mate :the_horns::unicorn_face::four_leaf_clover:

Cannabeast40 week 0

Wish you best of luck and happy growing :grinning::facepunch::pray: