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Wedding Cheesecake Auto

6 days ago
Grow medium
Directly In Substrate
Germination Method
Germination Method
Directly In Substrate
Method used by 3021 growers
Statistics by method
Avg. success - 92%
Method popularity - 20%
Wedding Cheesecake Auto
Avg. success
FastBuds - 92%
Wedding Cheesecake Auto - 92%
Photos & Videos
notOk notOk
6 days ago
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homerj week 0

Good luck with your grow mate!:muscle::muscle:

spyder week 0

good luck with the grow....enjoy.

DreamIT week 0

Enjoy growth mate :the_horns::unicorn_face::four_leaf_clover:

Fast_Buds week 0

Hey there, Thanks so much for running a diary of our genetics :raised_hands: Let us know if you need any assistance, we’re more than happy to help. Happy Growing !!! :seedling::shamrock::palm_tree::four_leaf_clover::herb::deciduous_tree: