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My New Babies...Look! Dutch Passion +

2 months ago
Room Type
Coco Coir
Grow medium
Directly In Substrate
Germination Method
Germination Method
Directly In Substrate
Method used by 3601 growers
Statistics by method
Avg. success - 93%
Method popularity - 20%
Photos & Videos
Commented by Growwithus420 Growwithus420
2 months ago

I germinate my seeds straight into my medium. They popped in 2 days. I'm super excited to try for the first time Dutch Passion seeds :yum: I've seen and heard a lot about them and I can not wait! My friend sent me these to try and I couldn't be happier :relaxed: I am also new to this, I'm Kiki, and I hope to make some new growmies on here soon! Peace, love happiness :sparkling_heart:

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spyder week 0

good luck with the grow....enjoy.

homerj week 0

Good luck with your grow mate!:muscle::muscle:

BioBuds week 0

Good luck and happy growing!!

DreamIT week 0

Enjoy growth mate :four_leaf_clover::the_horns::unicorn_face:

Cannabeast40 week 0

Wish you best of luck and happy growing :blush::ok_hand::raised_hands: