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7 months ago
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FastBuds - Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies

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Heartbroken. Last week, my apartment agency announced they would be replacing HVAC filters & smoke detector batteries in all the apartments, and I didnt think anything of it (they've done it several times before w/o any issue.) However, when they came to do so this time, one of the property managers walked in with a clipboard, went straight for the closet, and discovered my GSC plant. With the threat of eviction, I had to pass the plant onto someone else who could give her a good home. As I write this, I'm feeling a whirlwind of emotions. Anger. Sadness. Anxiety. Frustration. Heartbroken. If I wanted to, I could grow water hemlock in my apartment, and no one would bat an eye...even though water hemlock is one of the top three most toxic plant species of the North American continent. If I wanted to, I could grow a castor tree in my apartment, and no one would bat an eye...even though castor beans are where ricin, a chemical weapons agent, is derived from. For fucks sake, even the leaves and stems of potatoes are deadly poison, but I could grow those too. Yet, marijuana, which has killed precisely 0 people in the entirety of recorded history, is enough to get me evicted/arrested--even a single plant. I can't believe that this bullshit is still going on in the year 2019. I have a few succulents on my windowsill, and the only difference between them vs the MJ is that the MJ produces a psychoactive substance. That's really about it. I'm trying to make sense of this, but I just can't. Is it the fact that it's intoxicating? If I wanted to, I could brew alcohol in my kitchen (also intoxicating.) Is it the fact that it's considered "dangerous"? If I wanted to, I could grow any or all of those lethally poisonous plants mentioned before (all far more dangerous than marijuana.) Both of those activities are totally allowed within the parameters of the lease contract. Why marijuana? What is so evil about a flower that exudes a resin which makes us feel good? I dont get it. I never will. But what I'm sure of is this: I may not be putting out any new grow diaries in the immediate future, but legal or not, I will not stop growing my own marijuana. Fuck this apartment agency, fuck their marijuana policies, and fuck federal marijuana laws. Grow on.

-The D.A.R.E. Dropout

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ChainsawSanta week 5

sorry about the bust, that's heartbreaking

BarrieGrower week 5

Thats total bullshit, sorry to hear that.

Holy crap, people need to chill and stop trying to control everyone.

.......It's a plant.

I am glad I am able to live in cannabis friendly province.

Spaceman week 5

you got your skills, they cant stop you

stay strong :facepunch:


Hydro_sweetness week 5

Such a sad story, i feel your pain and in sorry for you loss:weary::white_frowning_face: