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Dimebagkilla started grow question 3 years ago
I am at a loss for what is going on. I really need help as you can see by the pictures. What can and should I be doing better? Hopefully the diaries provides enough information as to what my problems are
Nirvana AK-48 AUTO
3 weeks
Nirvana AK-48 AUTO Dimebagkilla
AK 48
5 comments · 3 years ago
Week 3
Leaves. Other
Stick answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi @Dimebagkilla! pH is almost neutral whereas you need it a bit acidic (~6.2), nutrients were given way too early, soil must have developed some salt buildup and/or nutrients-lockout. I also guess the watering routine was bad and did not follow a wet/dry cycle. Honestly at this point I would throw them away and start over from fresh seeds, but if you really want to save those babies, you will need to change your soil. Your medium have been flooded with nutrients and an inappropriate pH, plants are too small to survive to a flush, so just try to transplant them. Find some fresh and light medium (I like BioBizz LightMix) and don't add anything in it but rootjuice for the first ~2 weeks. If plants are healthy at day 15, start by giving some nutrients but avoid 'PhotosynthesisPlus' and stick to the BioBizz feeding schedule. Start with half of the recommended doses and slowly increase nutrients up to the official BioBizz schedule if everything looks good. Now be warned that transplanting unhealthy seedlings is a risky operation, this is why I would start over from fresh seeds. Hope this will help, keep us up-to-date and happy growing :facepunch:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello, my advise will be a little different. I would change the growmedium. If its your first grow i would start with soil. In soil you only have to take care for not to overwater. If you are using prefertilised soil like Biobizz/ plagron) you dont have to care for weeks about PH / feeding etc. You can concentrate on the right light and you watering and after 4-6 weeks take care for the feeding. It needs time to learn about your microcosmos growtent. The right Light, the right distance, the humidity the airflow the temperature. And if you grow in coco the feeding/ the right ec the right nutrients at the right time. Its a lot more to do/ think. Think about buying some prefertilised soil and transplant the Girls it alot more relaxing than now. You can keep our cococoir until you are more used to grow ( Dot have to throw away, you can use it more times) happy growing
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
hey man photosynthesis plus is a chelation agent which helps break down nutrients in the soil and makes them more available to the plant. That's why you're showing signs of nute burn even though you're not over nuting. Cut out that Photosynthesis plus until minimum week 3 (or in your case week 4/5) , and the plant will recover. or just start again if you dont want a stunted plant. It's that simple. Hope this helps ! :rocket:
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello ! Yes you are doing something wrong , the ph range is wrong since days one because you are 1 point too high : During your first week instead of 6.5 your ph should have been 5.5 for a perfect start , then during week 2 and 3 the ph is 6.8 instead of tge 5.8 sweet spot so I assume that you made a "1" points Ph mistake. You did exactly the same mistake with the Humidity range , you are starting with 40% Rh and during week 2 you raise it to 60% to down low it at 55% on week 3 , your humidity should no play rollercoaster like that , the good humidity for week 1 is around 90% so you can use a humidity dome ( bottom of a plastic bottle ) , then week 2 80% then week 3 70%. And off course you overwatered your girl with that much water for their young age. I hope it will help you :grin::+1:
HighTV answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there @Dimebagkilla Unfortunately you have a lot going on in terms of nutrient deficiencies, but fortunately I believe they are all stemming from the same problem of overwatering with the wrong PH. The Overwatering portion can be seen by the micro nutrient deficiencies that are showing up all over while the PH problems can really be seen in the lower leaves that show necrosis(death) coming from the leaf tips as the Chlorosis(yellowing) gets worse. This is also evidenced by your PH of 6.8... To fix these issue as fast as possible I highly recommend you let the little guy dry out some then PH your water between 6.2-6.5 before using. A plant this small can only drink a little bit of water and any excess water will deny oxygen causing over watering issues like you see. I hope that helps my friend :sunglasses:
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
The pot is so big for the seedling that you are over watering, a lot. At this stage give them a cup (7 oz) of water around the plant every 5 days. Also, stop any and all feeding, those 5 gallon of soil will last you at least 10 weeks, let the plant feed itself from the soil. Only up the watering to 2 cups when the soil dries up un two days. Only feed once you start seeing signs of nutrient deficiency.