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heyhey started grow question 3 years ago
Whats the best growing technique to rise terpene levels ?
2X Blue dream @ One GHE Waterfarm
12 weeks
2X Blue dream @ One GHE Waterfarm heyhey
Blue Dream
39 comments · 3 years ago
Week 3
Techniques. Defoliation
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey heyhey, So i'll start by saying much of what you already know, then give you some techniques to raise the flavour levels to the max. So basically as you know, some genetics are more flavorful than others, many breeders look for the lemon taste as a guide for potency so many gens end up tasting like lemon, diesel, that sort of flavor, but you can also find some really flavorful red strains that taste like strawberries, etc. So it starts with genetics. During the vegetation period, it's been established that High Stress Training (HST) techniques do promote trichome production down the line, that means that something like super cropping will eventually lead to more terpene and THC production. During flower, you want the plant to have all the nutrients it needs to make flowers I'm talking about PK and micronutrients, and unfortunately the synthetics really work way better than the organics in this case. Adding chelation agents also really helps the plant digest it all to make flavourful buds. The main secret i want to tell you is that terpenes are really "photosensitive" that means that light really affects them, basically during flower the plant is battling light exposure , getting its terpenes burnt then at night racing to make more, then at lights on getting its terpenes burnt, and so on and so forth. So reducing the light schedule to like 11/13 actually does help that tiny bit. A dark period before the chop does help a lot too. Some people go 2 to three days, i'm more a fan of just the one full day that"s 24hrs of dark. but the principle remains the same : get that darkness in to get the terpenes out (and the photosynthesis chemicals as low as possible). Finally during the chop, the drying and the curing, minimise exposure to any light at all as much as possible. The cure starts as soon as you chop and any light that comes into contact with the bud will burn off those terpenes just that much. What I also do for the jarring is I use Miron glass jars , that's another little secret of mine i dont really see many growers using this, but miron glass basically filters the light and it only lets the correct and beneficial spectrum through which helps preserve terpenes during the cure. So basically the grow is half the battle and the cure is the other half of the battle, the main idea is keeping the light away from the bud. Hope this helps ! :rocket:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
It starts with choosing good Genetics-checked-passed, give them good light , dont know wich lights you use, in flowring stage they should have good quality light ( not the cheapest one) with a good amount of lumen and a good lightspectrum ( UVA and UVB and Infrared, Giving the right and the right dosage of nutrients to your Plant, In flowering stage means it low nitrogen and higherpand K near the end of flowering lowering the Pand K, because you may taste the nutes in your buds.Give them sugars in flower , so the microbaacteria is fed, and the nutrients can absorbed by the plants. Take pand k boosters, give them a good tmoerature between 22 and 27 degree celsius and the right rh.. Ok thats just a part of things you can do...... dhortcut. give them the best conditions. For more just ask