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Quiktronx started grow question 3 years ago

I'm getting nervous about when to harvest my first grow. I understand that I need to look at the trichomes for colour differences and it depends on preference but I'm unsure how far along or how close I am. More info in the comments!
First grow
3 weeks
First grow Quiktronx
Amnesia XXL Auto
3 comments · 3 years ago
Week 5
Techniques. Defoliation
Waters answered grow question 3 years ago
You are quite a long way from harvest atm. When it’s closer to the time the pistils will start to curl and die, the plant will start to yellow (lower leaves first) and the trichomes will go cloudy. Flush when you see 50% of the trichomes turning red. I will follow your grow and keep an eye out for when to harvest. Patience is key for now.
HiMonkeys answered grow question 3 years ago
waterHi brother, when you see the pistils on the buds turn red ,its about 21 days from harvest remember its about 21 days! you need to look at the thricomes.. your plant seemed to veg for a little longer so it might take you another 3/4 weeks before harvest. I see you are using hydroponics and thats very usefull, you will flush about 3/4 days max before harvest because you will cut your plants right off the nutrients when you put them into RO or Tap water that waited 48 hours before watering ( i think its best to wait 48 hours before waterign with tap water). You got some really big plant and really big buds coming my friend! wish you the best of luck and happy growing! text me a private message if you got any questions at all about growing etc! :D