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MrRaid started grow question 2 weeks ago
My cheese auto looks very bad compared to the other 15 plants in the tent is it just a bad seed?
MrRaid: Original Auto Cheese
4 weeks
MrRaid: Original Auto Cheese MrRaid
Cheese Auto
10 comments · 5 days ago
Week 2
Plant. Other
hillman answered grow question 2 weeks ago
In my experience is a genetic malfunction. If it doesn´t recover in the next week, I reccomend to remove it from grow because usually this occurs due to a viral infection. And if you did gave too much nitro, that also plays key role.
RunawayGin answered grow question 2 weeks ago
Could be, but it could also be nitrogen tox.
Honestly seems like a little bit of both.
No worries though it should figure things out :sunglasses: