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Bongkhan started grow question 3 years ago
Its my 1st time led indoor grow and i cant help but notice zero spacing between the cotyladons and 1st sets of leaves. Also my led is 100w and 25 inches away. No nutrients added and no overwatering . Cause of such zero internode space?
Indoor LED grow.
1 week
Indoor LED grow. Bongkhan
Auto Guerilla Glue
3 years ago
Week 1
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Philindicus answered grow question 3 years ago
First off chill out brother. Your only at day 7. Give her a bit of time to grow some roots. Having the temperature at 95 degrees is not good you can stunt her. What is your humidity ? As far as you light goes you can drop it down to 20 inches. She should show a little more growth by the end of next week but nothing major. Give her some time.