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NekoSama started grow question 3 years ago
Hey guys, so this one started 4/1 this year and I have a feeling she is stunted a bit. A bit of iffy lighting and watering control along with container stress the first 2 weeks makes me thinks she not gonna get much bigger. Just wanted y'all's input. Just got hairs and smells.
First attempt with Autos, White Widow
9 weeks
First attempt with Autos, White Widow NekoSama
Auto white widow
1 comment · 3 years ago
Week 5
Leaves. Too few
MarcXL answered grow question 3 years ago
Well, she seems to be stunted a bit. I had similar problems with some autos, the main reason was i gave her too much light in the beginning so she had no ambition to grow high but only dense. Now i give my autos less light the first 3 weeks so they have to gain for height. Also its not bad to give them 20% less water than she seems to need, that results in more root development after 3 weeks. Then i watered normally and the ladies went bigger than ever before.
And as said before, the faster they get the final pots, the better they grow as they don´t like to be transpanted.
Fruitgrower answered grow question 3 years ago
She'll be fine bro, look at her now! She wanted some nutes and some roots that's all. It's gonna get big.
JBOrganix answered grow question 3 years ago
What happened to your lighting? You're showing for 600W through veg cycle and only 250W in flower. If that's the case - that's for sure problem #1. Temp seems good, Rh is on point. How's the air exchange in your grow space? Air quality is also a crucial for quality plant development. Being that it's an Autoflower, it is definitely stunted. Feel free to look over a couple of my diaries to give you an idea. I have a plant in week 5 of flower and it's 6.5" tall. With autos, you want to go directly into the pit size you plan on finishing in. Don't move them or they become heavily stunted. I've had decent success germinating in jiffy pucks and planting into larger containers before the roots start to escape the original puck but still recommend keeping it in the same pot the entire duration of the grow. Being that your in soil, the watering schedule is going to be different than mine. Unfortunately, not able to chime in all too much there other than the fact that all I can really say is; consistency is ideal, don't think you need to be watering daily since she's super tiny. (Not sure if you currently do) You can definitely continue to finish her off if you feel like doing so. I don't think she'll produce much, but depending on how it goes it could be some great quality product as a result. She definitely looks like it's going to have one solid bud mass right down the middle. I'd vote to continue growing it, see what it'll do. If you've got other beans and it's taking up space - then squash it. :muscle::facepunch::seedling:
Happy growing and best of luck! :seedling::crossed_fingers::raised_hands::+1: