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Removed started grow question 3 years ago
Besides neem oil, what are some other safe options for getting rid of spider mites on an outdoor plant?
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DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there MyrceneDream, i dont really even like Neem oil for that as it destroys your bud's taste... i use beneficial bacteria, it works meaning it will reduce and control the outbreak but might take a while. Usually you want to apply it as a preventative measure, so that's what i did 15gs of beneficials in one of the feeds as i was going into flower, just to make sure I didnt have to deal with pests. You want a full spectrum of beneficials that will attack their eggs, larvae, and the mites themselves. So i used Bacillus Subtilis , Bacilus Trychoderma (BT) and BT israelis , as well as mycorrhiza. If you've already got an outbreak, you want to go big, meaning add the beneficials to the feed as well as a foliar spray. Just careful not to waste your spray, you want to spray it before dawn and after sun set (and before lights on and after lights off if you're indoor). Like i said, it's what i do, and I much prefer it to neem oil which i even find worse than even getting what's called a fogger which is chemical insecticide. Hope this helps ! :rocket: