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Butterz03 started grow question 3 years ago
Would anyone know why a few of the leafs are curling slightly on the edges?
White widow 1st time grower
11 weeks
White widow 1st time grower Butterz03
White Widow Autoflower
1 comment · 2 years ago
Week 5
Leaves. Color - Dark-purple
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey butterz, this kinda tacoing is due to root problems. What happened is probably there's been a fair amount of overwatering as I can see from the "fat" leafs meaning the soil wasn't allowed to fully dry out before being watered again. This led to water mold damaging the root system leading to these symptoms. You want to fix this asap because it can get pretty bad and even kill your plant. So what you want to do is to santize your medium and break down the problem roots. It's very easy don't worry. First of all make sure you let the medium dry out and don't over water. Second consider using chelation agents that break down the problem roots so the plant recovers quicker for example enzymes, amino acids, humic acid or even beneficial bacteria like bacilus subtilis or synthetic solutions like "flushing agents" (but these will kill your soil life so it s a hard choice to make) . It's actually a very common problem with a very easy solution , so don't panic and don't beat yourself up! Hope this helps ! :rocket: