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DeaneR started grow question 2 years ago
See photos week 25. Outdoor Blueberry Momma has some kind of deficiency showing up on a few of her upper leaves. Also some white spotting ( like the chlorophyll has been removed from the plant tissue ) on some leaves. Has anyone seen this before.
Thanks Grow Diary Nation!
BLUEBERRY Hunt for a Mother
18 weeks
BLUEBERRY Hunt for a Mother DeaneR
28 comments · 2 years ago
Week 25
Leaves. Other
Cannibalgardens answered grow question 2 years ago
Hey brother the names are funny I'm literally sitting here watching the whole season as we speak with the wife ..thought it was hilarious I've got a blueberry myself and yes prone to powdery mildew which also hits my area but I got no blue stems.. I'll tell ya it looks like nutrient burn that sit down the middle like that on the leaves ..the best site I could give you would be grow weed easy... has best information absolute must..cheers
DILLIGAF answered grow question 2 years ago
@DeaneR Hi Deane Plants are looking good at first when you said the chlorophyll had been removed I immediately thought spider mites as thats their modus operandi however your pics don't really look like mites but rather leafhoppers could be the culprit. Regardless I will post you a link to a handy page to help you identify the problem Hope I was able to provide an answer to this question And Good luck