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1 year ago
Shit is really stirring now. Becoming afraid to comment on people’s diaries without getting a label. I actually enjoy talking to people or leaving a positive comment. I have no one to talk to (aka: my wife is my only friend :confounded:and she understands zero about gardening nonetheless special gardening) where I am about growing. For two reasons, one being that people simply don’t know what I’m talking about and two I have to be very discreet. This is my only outlet and really factual learning source. I hate reading through forums. I learn better by seeing. I’ve gained a ton of knowledge just surfing through all the diaries and seeing different styles. I get anxious signing in to see what’s new. Come on people. Is it really going to take all the big dawgs removing themselves from competitions? Idk about anyone else but seeing the top dawgs perform and do what they do makes me want to get better and have a plant compete with them. I know it’s part of the reason why I want to be better (also want to smoke+grow the dankest smelliest best weed possible). If we keep throwing labels around carelessly this will turn into those bullshit forums where everyone argues there way is better. Point them out and let Growdiaries sort them out. There’s a seat for every ass unfortunately and no matter what GrowDiaries does people will find a way to cheat. It’s up to us as a mass to carry on doing what we love and not let bad people ruin it because by the looks they are getting what they want and I know I can’t stand that shit as I’m sure you can’t either. Easier said than done. Some of the suggestions above are solid. I like the idea of judges deciding the diary of the month and them stating why that’s a phenomenal idea. At least until the clowns are rooted out or if it works keep it the way it is. This won’t be the last time a competition is changed or a cheater pointed out so instead of negativity let’s all roll some of that homegrown nasty bubonic chronic and shoot some suggestions maybe even vent a little and move forward and try our best to mold this site into something to be reckoned with. Only way to sort this out is to pull together and not let the knuckle heads win.