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1 year ago
@Tazard, I have a perfect line of division in my tent right now...everything the bestva is shining on has outgrown the little literally can see were one lights footprint ends and the other gonna try to get some pics to show what I mean...the is a 6-10 inch difference in growth between the lights right now...even though the bestva isn't as seems to be doing something the plants love for sure...atleast in veg so far...I would also like to add that @BigDaddyK maybe on to something with using a lux meter to make sure your using your lights potential...while it doesn't give you an accurate measurement of the spectrum or a breakdown of each spectrum of PAR it does accurately tell you the RIGHT distance and were your light needs to be...a lux meter is far cheaper and more affordable than a PAR meter...I know we should measure the actual light output in par because its what plants really use but all that aside a lux meter will give you an accurate enough reading of were your light should be distance wise...plain and can get a lux app for your phone and see...try measuring at your plants top and then raise the light and remeasure...I promise you will not only get different measurements you can use them to MORE accurately dial in the correct distance of your light for maximum efficiency...Happy holidays and I believe I am going to run a diary specificially to addresss this with the community as a whole...I have seen people getting bagged on for trying to be helpful and discredited as rubbish for using lux measurements...I am saying screw the numbers of the lux meter as a whole but use them simply as a guide for were your light needs to be...