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2 weeks ago
Dinafem never lets me down. Im loving their White Widow XXL. She just took off once planted. However, she is more lanky thank I like, but I think that stretch is due the 7gal pot and its rapid healthy growth. If I may make a suggestion for your next grow, after the taproot is visible, just plop that seed root down into its final pot (I like 5gal for autos). This is because once the roots are old enough and/or believe they have filled up their pot (whichever happens first) then the plant will begin to flower and progress at a rate relevant to their root space. Plants stop sending out new roots as they begin to flower until the rate of new root growth nearly stops. Thus, the smaller the pot, the faster the plant flowers, but you get a smaller plant; the larger the pot, the slower it takes to flower/progress through flowering stage, but you get a bigger auto plant. So the ol' axiom is true indeed: da bigger tha root, da bigger tha fruit! Thats why I usually like to plant my photo period plants in 1gal to form a nice rootball, then transplant into 3gal to get the rootball bigger, then finally transplant into 5-7gal and let the rootball fill that pot up before switching to flower period. Its kinda like those Russian nesting dolls lol However, because autos dont require a photo period change to initiate flowering/ root growth, its ultimately the pot size at a given point in a sexually mature autoflower's life which has a greater impact on the overall rate of root growth and flowering and, thus, overall plant size/rate of development/total flowering time.