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3 years ago
Patience brother you need to give her a chance to do her thing. Dinafem has a great reputation. If you really want to see what shes really capable of you need a perfectly controlled environment for her to flourish. Like a great indoor grow room. Low temperatures slow down the plants metabolism. Low night time temperatures slow down root growth . If your soil is too wet from rain etc. she will have trouble pulling enough nutrients through her roots which is a big issue when they are young and put them at risk of root rot. You can adjust your mix to drain a bit more freely in the future giving your roots and microbes more oxygen. Creating a wet dry cycle is good for them. Try giving her a very light nute foliage feeding twice a week add a tiny amount of yucca extract as a surfactant in the early morning before sun up to help her out be sure too get under the leaves where the stoma are located I'm sure she will love you for it. Your using beneficial microbes if you use too many they may have already consumed the nutes and completed the nitrogen cycle. Feed them. You can add carbohydrates to help feed your microbe herd more and create less stress on your plant to produce enough carbs for them. With autos it's usually better to start them in their final pot size but water and feed them like their still in a small pot. It's very easy to stunt them if they are left in small pots for too long. As far as genetics go growing from seeds is not perfect each seed is genetically unique like people. You may get one phenotype that turns into a monster plant but produces a ton of large loose buds or another plant that's small but has some crazy tight and extremely potent high quality buds. You will get some nice smoke growing autos outdoors but they will probably not reach their full potential. They will actually take a few weeks longer to do their thing. You have three different hybridized species the percentage of each can only be estimated. The faster the strains have a touch more Ruderalis genetics to speed them up but even this can vary from seed to seed. Try to check out Mrs_Larimar she leans more organic and she has some very impressive outdoor grows. Also try Spinner he has a lot of outdoor auto flower grows.