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3 weeks ago
@CoastGrower, No, I don't mean to make you stress, if it works it works. But personally, looking at the composition I'd probably amend it a bit. I'd have to check out that cannatera veg nutrients first. My main concern with your soil is actually minerals, though. Sure, in veg the plants will typically want lots of nitrogen. Just dilute some urine for that (you'll get a bit of phosphor and potassium too). Maybe a bit of molasses, something simple. Edit: I can't find much info about cannatera, unfortunately. I mean, it's formulated for peat mixes. So it might be good. Probably a safe bet. I'd probably look at other stuff though, like azomite or basalt, soft rock phosphate and stuff like vermicompost, compost and compost teas, ash/char, as well as just random plant debris teas. But that's my approach, like avoiding buying stuff if I can, and rather using the soil and stuff I have and improving that. The vast majority of my soil/nutrients is from stuff in my garden. And I'd buy far less stuff now, since I haven't even used all the stuff I bought, and it's been 8 months, used it for 36 weed plants (initially, quite a bit more now), and some other plants. In total about $150-200 (including some equipment, pots, random stuff) spent, to basically amend all of the soil and stuff required for that. In the mean time I learned about and discovered alternatives to stuff I would've bought or did buy. I find it a bit better to have separate components, like something that's in general mineral rich, especially for less common minerals, then specifics like nitrogen rich, potassium rich, or calcium rich, etc, and combine that as necessary, depending on the soil/conditions. That's a lot of guesswork though.