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4 years ago
(RE: Week 12) My friend, you don't need a $350 PAR meter to grow some plants. It's more dollars than you are using watts! I've thought about getting one because it would be nice to "dial in", and it is a nice tool for testing future lights. But you just don't need it to succeed. I'd hate to see you waste that money. You mentioned light burn but you kept your 180W led lamp 60 cm away. I honestly don't see it happening at that distance. If your canopy was really light burned, why is there such healhy leaves in week 12? If they were light burned there would be all sorts of messed up things going on. Like the tops would be bleacher or the rate of photosynthesis is too high causing nutrient problems, leaves taco-ing. I light burned my current grow and you can clearly see the effect of the lamp's hotspot. You started with clones for the first time. I've read journals from master growers who are entertained when people mock their yellow and unhealthy clones, because they know they'll end up great (and they do). I don't clone this plant, so my experience is limited to others,,, they can look weird or deficient after cloning because they just were amputated and are only focused on rooting. Maybe 5.5-5.8 PH is on the low side for magnesium and calcium uptake, I'm not sure... I think most soil growers aim for 6.0-6.6 Anyway all I see in week 12 is great healthy plant on high nitrogen with some tip burn ... just wanted to chime in and try and save you the money edit: That is my light burn.. notice the difference between the burned part and the non burned part of the canopy