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4 years ago
@Humboldt_Seed_Organisation, No anger here, Mark, just a wary concern for the future of seed availability. (There may have been alcohol involved at post time, and that would account for any ranty tone, so I apologize for that) Not all breeders carry regular photo seeds, so I offer up the suggestion (and I don’t believe it’s unfounded) that if there is continued low demand for reg seeds, more breeders will follow suit. Cannabis hybrids have been around since the early days of global exploration, when sailors and passengers carried them from continent to continent. The plant is eminently suited to adapt, regardless of its genetics. I don’t expect you to agree, but the creative naming and claiming of properties of hundreds of strains is kind of silly. Strain X from Breeder Y may display properties where it was developed that will be different when grown by me, in my environment, with my technique. That’s just how cannabis continually evolves. But people bore easily, and the many names help make growing fun whether it matters much or not. I am still awaiting the promised reply from someone at Humbolt regarding this question- Please explain the name origin of Train Wreck. If indeed it is associated with a train crash, that name makes no sense at all. A train crash cannot influence properties of plants growing nearby. Whatever strain they were, they remained that strain after the train crashed. If my dog chews a few leaves on my plants, I can’t now toss in the word Golden. I mean, I can, but it’s all in fun, and doesn’t mean anything. Unless you’re selling seeds and need to entertain your customers or risk losing them. Thanks for the thoughtful reply, and thanks for offering non fem regs, Mark. Warm regards.