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4 hours ago
Hi @Quexos, @Spinner, @Mrs_Larimar, @ExperimentGREENI would appreciate some advice while planning my new grow area for indoor. My objective for this area is to cycle through autos and clones of photos (*) 3-4times a year. I want to perfect the recipe, and experiment so don't care about absolute max yield. I have a storage space with 1.8×1.06x2.4m dimensions. The walls have damp issues that I dont think i could resolve adequately for a grow area, so probably need to put a tent in. The issues with tent is that the standard dimensions don't make optimal use of space, (1×1m) seems the best option. My idea for this would be to prioritise smaller space with absolute control over environmental factors rather than trying for bigger space. It might be possible to make the full space airtight with a mylar cover, but my gut says that this would end up more expensive in long run and better to stick to proven basics. For lights my budget is $200-$300. I'm considering something along these line (**)s: - this is 400w real draw from outlet so assume it should be possible to yield 150-200g per cycle with 4-6 plants This is possibly a bit overkill for 1x1m space, but I believe the par values should support stronger growth during bloom compared to cheaper chinese leds eg king plus etc. Any thoughts or ideas? Can you recommend any better lighting options in this budget range? (*) I also have a 4x2m outdoor greenhouse that I will be using in summer to grow larger photos. (**) @SpinnerCarribean, one of your comments on a different question sent me deep into the rathole of now researching quantum boards :) Are those practical for a grow environment at this scale / price range? Thank you!