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4 years ago
@kaustav5569, I’m running a sealed tent. My ventilation system is a bit complicated but I’ll try. I am in a 10x11’ below grade room with a central air duct from the homes air conditioner. There is a 4x8’ flowering tent in the room. I have an air cooled water chiller. The exhaust from the chiller is ran into the tent, through the HPS and out of my growroom. I have a dehumidifier in the sealed tent. The exhaust from the dehumidifier is routed to a 3 way connector near the top of my tent. One side is left open to the tent. The other side is routed to the warm air intake of a portable air conditioner (not the home air conditioning mentioned above) located adjacent to the tent.. The cold air output from the portable air conditioner is routed to a “cooling tunnel” on the floor of my flowering tent. My hydroponic tanks sit in cutouts in the tunnel for solution cooling the conditioned air exits the tunnel and re-enters the tent. The air conditioners compressor cooling input is fed by duct from a carbon filter located in the room, outside the tent. The hot air output from the portable air conditioner is routed outside of the room and discharges into a second carbon filter. There are a couple of booster fans in-line as it is a long run. Oh yeah the hot air output from both the chiller and the air conditioner use insulated ducting. If/when I run the tent unsealed I use a 4” duct fan with a HEPA filter to push cool air from the room into the tent. Additionally, there is a temperature controller that can run a 6” inline exhaust fan. When I exhaust from the tent it is into the room. The room is maintained with negative pressure so no odor escapes the room. I’m sure I forgot something. Of course there is plenty of airflow within the tent (20” oscillating floor fan, 11” stationery floor fan, 6 clip on 8” fans not to mention the air flow from the dehumidifier and air conditioner). If you have any questions I’m happy to help.