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2 months ago
Now we're talking! Looking good dude. And thanks so much for the kind words on my grow. Something definitely went wrong with your other grow but this one looks like it's off to a flying start! Autoflowers lives are so short so it is like a race against time. My main pointers are, firstly; make sure they get as much direct sunlight as possible but make sure the pots don't get hot. 8+ hours of direct sunlight per day is ideal. Mine were fine on the grass/lawn but if your pots are getting hot from the ground up try a white surface. I found Garden Master garden refuse bags at Builders Warehouse for R10. Secondly, only water them when the soil is dry up to your second knuckle (about 5cm) or when you can feel the pot is light. At some stages I was only watering once every two weeks. Most of the time about once a week. When it rained, not at all. I watered the entire fabric pot every time by watering slowly and trying not to get any run-off. Your soil is alive so you don't want to wash any of it away. On that note, if you're using tap water, leave it in the shade outdoors in open 5l bottles so the chlorine evaporates. Chlorine will kill your living organisms in your soil. The difference in the smell of chorine where we live before and after 3 days is quite crazy. Try it out and see if it works for you, too. Lastly, autos are light feeders. Especially with the soil you have. You barely need to use nutrients at all but if you want to; organic nutrients like the Bio-Grow you have for veg stage at 1/4 the recommended dose and Bio-Bloom for the flowering stage at 1/4 the recommended dose is much safer than going too heavy. If you just do those things you WILL get something sick out of it. Hope this helps and can't wait to see how the rest of your grow goes! Crush it man!