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1 year ago
Hey guys! First of all i have to apologize again for my text to all members, i wrote in a bad state of mind, and not sober, so forguive me. In the end of the day that bothers me the most is the vote oscillation as a mean to get exchage or noticed, as it can me taken back and that is not disclosed, only the inicial vote, there is room to improve the GM and DM dinamics in my opinion. If you ask me if my NL desearved the prize the answer is unknown and is up to the guys to decide, i had ploblems, learned some new tricks and the harvest was abundant, so not a flawless grow, still i did my best... My weights are consistent and time by time i try to improve the results and to me the documentation is fun so as much i can bring makes me happy! The prizes are nice a good motivation to bring peopple from other networks to the GD, and should be fun, let’s all try to bring a positive energy and collab instead of drip accusations and argues that go from nothing to nowhere, i has gulty to contribute to those argues this month, will police myself to avoid all times from now on. Personally this is a hobby for me, and entering a agressive place turns a bit off... OBS. Not updating my diaryes because I'm traveling for a month, my GF is taking care of my gils and now working in the death of my garden... Gooosh... you don t wanna know wtkf, we made a facetime and, i might cancel this two latest diaryes... let’s see.... Hope you are all well, happy growing, take care!!!! :+1::skin-tone-2::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::facepunch::skin-tone-2: