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1 year ago
As much as it physically hurts me I have to agree with @BigDaddyK. I had a long conversation with quite a few people the other night when voting went live about the questionable weight posted in this harvest. I think you might have been a little over-zealous in wanting to post this harvest to get into the contest for this month that you may have weighed the bud a little early before it was completely finished drying. 4 - 5 days isn't a long enough time for the moisture in the bud (Especially ones as large as those) to have evened out and left it. If you look closely at the harvested pictures of the buds in the bowls on the scale there is a very clear issue with volume per mass that means either two things that I can say for certain. Either you weighed the buds wet because of being eager to participate in the great contest this month and possibly didn't realize the buds were still in fact wet or you didn't zero out the scale the two other times you weighed the bud. 1 of those things must be true because the volume for which your bud takes up doesn't equal the space that over a pound of marijuana is supposed to take up. When you look closely at the buds in the bowl you can clearly see that they aren't trimmed which is kind of a big red flag to a lot of people. Why would you be weighing the bud with trim still on it everywhere? Another thing that can be noticed is most of the buds that you can see look very airy answering the question of whether or not the buds are just very dense. Moreover a huge red flag that points to that bud still being wet is that the orange hairs haven't coiled up and receded a little bit to form around the bud. The hairs look as though they are still reaching outward as if still on the plant indicating the plant is indeed not finished drying. Most importantly though the hardest thing for me to say to you is I know that you know because you rock a master title just like the rest of us..... 4 - 5 days after harvest and posting a dry weight is incorrect..... I waited 8 days to post my harvest weight because the bud wasn't perfectly dry and I live in a high altitude arid desert where there is no humidity.... I think other people may have different points to make and a few people mentioned something to a bunch people. I think you might want to re-weigh all that bud......