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2 years ago
@GrowDiaries...I will be more than happy to give any and all changes to the awards section a fair and honest review and I think it will take a collective effort as a community to dial it in and find and fix the loop holes...I was kinda uncomfortable with were the awards thread was headed last month and had kinda already posted but I have a few things to add...I think its fair to say that the community as a whole thinks COMPLETE diaries should only be able to run id its not an official rule can we please make it one...maybe someone could check the diaries over one at a time at the last day of entry and boot the ones that don't meet the critiria...more work on your end but would save some drama no doubt...we as a community could also have it a rule if you know you shouldn't be in it but accidently made it in by some kind of mistake that you can change you diary name to DISQUALIFIED so that the GD team sees it and knows to pull it...and like I said I love it here and no matter what GD changes we will all have to still use a little honesty and give them a hand from time to time when we can to dial this thing in real good...I think changing up the grower of the month award should no longer be for the most comment likes but the grower who gets the most likes on their diary in that would make the term "Grower Of The Month" have a more true meaning...doesn't matter if you harvest or if your in the awards section or not...if you get the most likes on your diary in the month you win...this would be a pleasant shift from trolling for likes to good old fashioned growing...exactly what this site is supposed to be about!!!! At any rate with the changes you've mentioned and the new contests and giveaways I'm excited to see what you guys have coming and thanks for your work and dedication!!!!