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1 year ago
@WhiteWidow,i think the groups awesome have been taught so many things through the group how to lst how to get my lighting right how to germinate at a better rate how to adjust my plants to get maximum lighting and has for voting I vote for who I think deserves it that's not necessarily the group either people are aloud to socialise out side of grow diares there's no law against that last month I voted for the winner he's not in the group i won't be accused of anything of the sort have had over 200 likes in the last 2 days and not from the group I chat to any one on here I'm not ignorant I'm following 82 diarys I comment on all of there diarys every update with out fail you don't have to be in a group to be liked that not conspiring and considering grow diares will have access to every Body account in pritty shore they can check who's cheating for votes or likes no one from the groups has been banned has of yet so we can't be doing anything wrong I hope I don't get these issues when I become master because I got 3 successful diaries up have got 10 diarys doing now with 26 plants in total when I pull the 20 photoperiods I'm doing 40 plants 2 tents 8 different strains so I'm saying it now I will deserve that status when I achieve it and no one goner tell me differently about that and if winning a daft contest which I'm goner state my aim ain't to win it when I joined diarys it was to show every one what I was about and what I could do to learn new things to see other people strains so count me out of it because I want no part in winning diary of the month has long has people like my plants that all that matters to me and I like what every one is doing on grow diares you all amazing and i will enjoy future grows from the site peace