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8 months ago
@GrowDiaries, I think that @GardenOfAutos, have the most worthy diaries to get that price instead of the one who jumped off. She deserves it by having made a absolutely outstanding diaries with good documentation of both strain, cultivation, report, detail and tasteful images. And i think that she has followed the criteria for the competition within the 3 main rules. And about the lots of discussion regarding the last contest. There is sometimes a lack of knowledge about how the criteria in which the competition is judged and in some cases misunderstandings. In general, I personally do not think there was more discussion than usual. I also understand some of those who were a little dissatisfied with not getting top 10 when they did their utmost in their diaries. I've had the same thoughts several times, but it's just try again and doing it even better next time. When you have over 50 good diaries to judge, it's ultimately the judges who make their judgment and have their rules and personal precedents for what is a worthy winner. I therefore think that, in general, it was a good competition with great prizes and the jury has done a good job, although there are several who may not agree for different reasons. It's healthy for a community like this with discussion and different angles of view and I really like GD calls for suggestions for improvements and are prepared to hear people's opinions in different topics when there are several who have opinions like at this competition. Before the pain and cramps in my hands and body put an end to my posting, I just want to thank everyone here on GD because you're part of this amazing platform and learning me and others many new things all the time. That I grow as a human being by learning and also teaching other growers about cbd or other things. GD is my Facebook and also a big part in my interest in Cannabis as medicine, the social aspects and the helpfulness and generosity I find here. I would also like to address all the staff of GD, the growers and sponsors that make this possible, thank you for everything you too make this possible. Kind regards and cheers/CBD Sweden