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4 years ago
@Ripper, that would be seek yyyeeaa lol :raised_hands::skin-tone-2::raised_hands::skin-tone-2::raised_hands::skin-tone-2::the_horns::skin-tone-2::the_horns::skin-tone-2::the_horns::skin-tone-2:. @marshydro prepare your inventory! :upside_down_face::sunglasses: Bro i got your point is very honest, and there are many things to apreciate and reflect on it, i agree with many things too. You see the dinamics are changing a lot and a perfect format that is made to encorage also a good relationship withing the community has not been reached yet, the basis is to share and help in my opinion, the prizes are the plus. GD made a nice job creating an ecosistem of propaganda, Baners, givaways, competitions and so on that returns always to the GD it self, generati g containt, also in instagram, documenting strains, methods, nutes and etc..., is becoming a wiki almost, and I respect a lot the level of intelligence that has been but in this cyclic platform. I use discretely the other forum you are in so i get precisely what your feelings are. I think that wile there are give aways, prizes, awarded likes, this interaction will never feel pure this level of purity and vibe is created by each one of us, we are in charge of this part, that will pose the question ti every grower that shares here, what is your obgective around here, and this will justify the means. I stoped participating in the like rush few months a go because it had bacame too much time consuming, some growers get like 6k in a month now, I honestly don’t know how this is possible, been GM last year i have got like 296, using a lot, seriously a lot... Some users that I knew explained that you can acheeve that by passing every seccond of your life in the site... sounds strange. So i started to answer a few questions because i like and is something i don’t have to hunt for, if is the best format, i think time and the community will Tell. Bottom line for me is that i admire your grows ad atitude, if you decide to live i will be sorry beacause the community will loose a great and experienced grower. :facepunch::skin-tone-2::facepunch::skin-tone-2: All the best! And always happy growing!