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4 years ago
@GanjaGirl420, I think you have missed something and dident read all that was written in my diaries. Yes i copy breeders strain descriptions in every week so the reader can see what kind of strain i grow, but i also wright something about every week and whats happening in my grow. And i give you all the info unedited and totally truthfully even if the truth sometimes dont look very flattering for me as a grower. But its just too give you and others the way it is with all the ups n down in growing and even in how my illness effects my ability to grow my medicine. So take one more look at the diaries and see if you have the same opinion. Im thankful for the input but in this case i think you have judged my diaries, admins and @growdiaries, i little to harsh. GD would never give me the price if i only had copy breeders strain descriptions in every week and nothing else. And dont forget to read my review of this wonderful medicine and cbd strain. I hope you get a awesome day and big harvests of your DIY cob lights (that i would like to have in my room). And your C4 matic from Fastbuds looks great, good diaries and good documentation of it. Keep it up and try a cbd strain when you have the time and room in your grow. And if you like to know more about me and how i wiew the world and approach growing of my own medicine you can read my master interview done by GD here: And if you have any questions about anything about grow, cbd or just about life im always happy to answer in the chat or in any other way here in GD. And that is for all the others here in GD too.