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5 years ago
@Bigpun, I would like to know what you did too. All I see is that you grew some amazing weed, despite having some really difficult health issues which you discussed in your recent interview but which I know more about from getting to know you. You impress the f^<k out me. You have been nothing but helpful and supportive to me and other growers. I really don’t understand the issue with Tryhard and Korfer either. I know Tryhard was having some arguments about pretty questionable harvest weights with someone who was banned from the site. I have noticed Tryhard to be active online and really passionate about growing well. Korfer grows -I believe organically- outdoors in the terrior—something I think we could all stand to learn more about. I don’t see him being particularly active here or in chat beyond sharing diaries and issues with his grow. I have gotten likes on what I hope are supportive comments but maybe not any particularly outstanding grow tips. I also really enjoy it when I make a silly comment and it’s acknowledged or “liked” but I don’t expect it. I like comments even when they are just supportive or funny because, whether it’s what we’re supposed to do, it is customary on the site. It’s spreading the love, and we shouldn’t be discouraging community building and expression of support. This is why I suggested that maybe we should have a “great tip” button too so people can like friendly comments and highlight comments that are helpful to a grower. I chat with a generous handful of folks from here on kik. I also follow and comment on many growers who aren’t in this group. There is nobody in the kik group who isn’t serious about growing cannabis - as well as we can - given limitations imposed by our financial resources, legal and environmental climate , health, available space, time and skill. (Honestly if you want to make everything super fair here, try leveling out each and every one of those factors, and when you do, please fix the rest of the world.) The chat group has been open to everyone here to join if interested. Beyond sharing real time worries and excitement over our grows, we share health concerns, recipes, stoner jokes and sometimes have political debates. There is no scheming to win contests. I personally am on a limited income so getting free seeds or nutrients from a sponsor is helpful to me but most of the folks I converse with here can afford to buy their own seeds and supplies. What we all share is PRIDE in our grows, and everyone I know here is more interested in *earning* an award, not winning. There is no fulfillment in getting something you don’t feel you deserve on merit. Even if @GrowDiaries fails to recognize your amazing grow, Bigpun, I hope all that excellent cheesey weed you grew honestly and by your own hard work is a reward in and of itself. Roll yourself a big fatty or 3 and have a good blaze. I’m proud to know you.