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4 years ago
I am looking forward to see the other folks' reports about Growcaps. My own grow unfortunately may not turn out so well, but I don't want to blame this on growcaps. (I mentioned elsewhere here on the comments that I ran into troubles with the 11L pots too big for tiny seedlings, resulting in root problems etc.) I am seeing heavy N deficiency on one plant, and the other plant looks better, but also starting to show N deficiency. They are still in veg. I am only using 6.5ph water and of course the caps are in the substrate, this is a test grow.. Then again, I am growing in a relatively untypical setting: This is an outdoor/roof grow in Spain, means the plants endure crazy heat, and vegging period is now going on 2-3 months. Furthermore I had problems with cats eating some leaves when the plants were still tiny. It is likely that in a typical indoor setting, with more moderate temps and a shorter veg period the growcaps would work better. (It is known that long-term nutrients release nutrients faster in hotter temps, and my outdoor temps are just waaaayyyy to high in general, despite me using a sun shade.) Indoors, a typical veg phase also isn't 2-3 months. So I think this all plays a role in my case. Anyway, looking forward to what results other people have. Also..some people asking about Autos. I *think* that the caps should be especially suitable for Autos since the veg period is shorter. This would avoid that the nutrients "run out" since they can't release indefinitely. Other long-term nutrients normally have information on how long they work (depending on soil temps), and we don't have this information with growcaps. Common sense tells me they might release matching the length of a typical grow, say 60-90 days or so. (Of course I am only speculating here). So should def. work for Autos and any normal grows, IMO. G.