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4 years ago
Hey! I am fortunate that I got samples from Growcaps as part of my job, so I am probably one of the few ones who had an early chance to test them. I started two outdoor grows where I prepared everything following to instructions, in 11L pots with a bag growcaps in each. They used normal universal substrate in the videos, so I did the same thing. The grows are well under way, but here is what I noticed: In the video they say "put in your seedling" which I did, but here is the issue: A tiny seedling in a 11L pot is a problem, especially since the growcaps instructions also require that you water the pot *well* before you put it in. The substrate holds moisture well (the granules turn into some sort of jelly), and besides me having the pots out in the heat and sun and only watering once a little once per week, the pots stay moist long. In the seedling phase, this could be a problem. From the two strains, one looks fine, the other showed a N deficiency at the lowest set of leaves. I attribute the N deficiency not to the product itself, but to the large pot size which is too big for seedlings and holds too much water for them. (Obviously I water with the correct pH, 6.5) This observation makes me think that the original growcaps instructions are likely not optimal, UNLESS you grow autos. You simply don't want to put a 1" seedling into a fully watered 11L pot. I would recommend that you use the caps in the recommended dose (2g per liter as it says on their site), but you start out in small cups as with any normal grow but up-pot later. (And each time you use the caps in the recommended dosage, depending on what size pot you use). Just don't *start* a grow in a 11L pot. This are my observations so far, several weeks into my test grow. Obviously, as the plants grow, they drink more, and I expect the root zone getting healthier because of that. I do think that the N deficiency which I had with that one plant will go away on its own. TLDR: growcaps instructions say start your seedling in a 11L pot, but a pot that large fully watered could lead to issues