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5 years ago
This is tuff, iv got 5 votes and i have narrow the favorites down from 12 to 7 diaries. So now its 9 days of thinking and trying to decide witch diaries that i think have done the best job. This is part of what I think is important for getting my vote. Do not ask if I want to give my vote to you. And if you have voted on my grow, it does not mean I will vote for yours, I will not change votes with anyone if they dont fulfill my criteria for a vote. I will give my vote to the grower who fulfills my criteria for a good cultivation. I will always vote for what I like about the cultivation and not on how nice or unpleasant the person who grows is. I also can not be influenced to vote for something that I do not like. My vote is based solely on my own values ​​and does not reflect what I think of the grower as a person. So if I see a culture that meets my criteria, it gets my voice even if the person would have said something negative in my diaries or done something else that I do not think is ok. My vote goes to those 5 who have done the best job with the conditions the growers have as their starting point. I'm looking for a detailed diaries with a certain level of finesse and one that reflects my preference for a good cultivation. Strain, weight and grams per watt and such, I do not care about that much. I also look at how photos and videos are taken on the plant, for me it is important that you can clearly see the entire plant sometime during each week. Especially the same day as the harvest takes place. It is also desirable to see the entire result of the entire crop with some form of reference in the same picture. An image of the importance of the harvest where you clearly see everything that is weighed in the same picture. But I know that everyone does not have a scale that can weigh everything at the same time and it dosent matter to much. I do not have a scale that you can all at once but will probably buy one for the next harvest. I also look at whether you can see the cultivation space and I would like to see something about the equipment used in the cultivation. Images taken with HPS, Led or some other types of light which distort colors are something I do not like at all. The same goes for turning a photo editing program to change images / colors and size. The harvest should be trimmed, dried and contain only buds. Having branches, fan leafs and so on is nothing I want to see. But the most important of all is that in no way should you doubt that what you see is what has really been done and happened in reality. And with that said i wish all good luck and hope that your diaries is in the top 10 so you can enjoy the incredible prices of 25 Auto Blue Amnesia seeds and Big Plant Science 2L of Power House, 1L of Calcium Plus, 1L of Micro Power, 1L of Bud Explosion, 1L of Stimulus, 1L of Aroma Boost, 199g of Premium Mykorrizia and 12 BiG Canna Plugs! Sincerely/ CBD Sweden