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5 years ago
I'm not sure I agree with any of this...I agree with the priniciples of what this website is about...I value being able to get advice from other growers and I value being able to contact the breeders too...there really isnt another site like this to even refrence a platform comparison...its one of a kind and I LOVE IT HERE!!! I would say a moderator or an administrator could not also be a member...I understand this being a new concept that there are bugs and fixes to be made from time to time and I am no one to say what time frame those changes should or should not occur...If I was running this I would charge for membership and I would ALSO charge for votes!!!! I would sell you as many as you wanted to buy and let you spend them HOWEVER you want...all on your own diary a friends or whatever you wanted to do with them...that money could be reinvested into any avenue I so employees or to gain a high level sponser or whatever...the point is with this being a FREE site its only gonna get so far and maybe we should lower our expectations and be thankful for what we do have...forming side groups only takes away from the soul purpose of what this site is about to begin with...and personally if this was a more pay as you go type deal it would atleast make it harder to PROFIT from cheating...and I'm not saying anyone is for sure cheating or that they are not pointing a single finger it isn't my just saying with a few small tweaks and changes here and there this is a site I would gladly pay to be a member of...the things I have learned from @BigDaddyK's DWC tutorial alone is knowledge worth paying for...I am a professional tattoo artist and when I did my apprenticeship I had to work a full time job on top of it to pay for the KNOWLEDGE I obtained through the course of it..I am glad I did too...I have bought my set up...and invested my time and quite honestly wouldn't mind being able to invest in whats going on here @GrowDiaries as well especially if it would help to improve things and take them to a whole new level!!!! Happy Growing EVERYONE!!!!