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Is Cannabis High Maintenance?

Added 28 June 2022

Struggle of growing cannabis

I believe that everybody in this platform understands the struggle of growing marihuana. Though these plants have no issue making us happy, they have proven to be a tad bit more difficult to please. Some might even go so far as calling the high maintenance. The reasoning behind their growth-difficulties tends to have something to do with nutrient deficiencies. As growers we have to educate ourselves on these deficiencies and learn how to identify them. We know that discoloration in leaves and the presence of bugs and mold are bad news. Now, the question is: How do we fix it?

We know that checking the p-H levels of the soil and water is a must, for if it’s either too low or elevated, some nutrients won’t be able to be absorbed by the plant. This case does not entail an actual nutrient deficiency of the plant and is therefore easily solvable; flushing the plant with only water will suffice. Now, dealing with an actual nutrient deficiency is a whole other ballgame. The symptoms on the plant depend very much on the type of shortage that they’re suffering: A Zinc deficit most commonly presents itself by twisting leaves to 90 degrees sideways. A lack of Manganese manifests itself by keeping new leaf veins green and decorating the remaining area a light yellow. And a Phosphorous deficiency will turn leaves a metallic-like purple colour.


These are some of the many possibilities within plant deficiency. Seems like a lot to try to keep up with, right? The best way to go about any nutrient deficiency is to constantly check on your plants. Constant love and care should do the trick. Because much like a partner, they need the attention. If this seems like too much of a hard job, it’s because it is. Growers sure do not get half the recognition than they deserve. But for those that want to go around these types of situations in a slightly easier way, I would recommend the all-in-one formula from Druid Nutrients. They guarantee a thriving full life-plant-cycle with only one component. So that not only the experts get to experience the beauty that is growing.



This druid stuff is there smaller packs to try first? I use Advanced and seems awesome I have zero problems.BUT, price. Thank u



oops*** the "1kg" bags were in reference to the jack's part A...

as far as ratio of how it's used -- 3:2:1 ... so you use 3x part a, 2x cal nitrate, 1x expon salt.... 25lbs / 16.33 / 8.33 would be the optimal weights, but that's not going to happen... every 3rd purchase of part A you won't need to buy any calcium nitrate. you'll have 16lbs leftover at that

2.2 lbs / 1.5lbs / .75lbs for the 1kg bags 3/2/1 partsj... actual mix may vary slightly.


@Adamlovesgreen_98, if in north america check out Jack's...

5-12-26 Part A.. you pair it with any generic calcium-nitrate and magnesium sulfate (commonly called epsom salt).

If you buy the 25lbs bags, you'll spend roughyl :s_original.04 per gallon mixed... 4 pennies, 4 cents, no typographical error.

generic calcium nitrate starts at about -35 for a 25 lb bag. you really only need 2/3rds of that due to how it is mixed, so there will be about 8lbs leftover when you finish first "Part A" bag.

Epsom salt you can buy any generic foodgrad epsom salt... simply look at "guaranteed analysis" label, and maker sureit's 100% epsom salt. no scents, no additives... Equate at walmart was for 8lbs a few years ago. 8lbs is a good size to match up with the 25lb Part a bag.

They also sell 1kg (2.2lbs) but this will be 4-5 times more expensive per gallon, if i recall. Dry nutes will last decades if you store them in a cool, dry place. I've been using teh same 25lbs bag for over 2 years at this point. I will probably get 3+ years out of it with a small garden (4runs x 8 plants - 32/year for comparison)

These companies that market their product like its some magical formula that no one has used before... it's just bullshit. this plant isn't much different from others. it likes the same things as most other plants. it only sets you back to think of this plant as "unique" just cause we all like smoking it. Modern plant biology is 10x the knowledge base of what was done before... don't be amish... lol. live in the 21st century :P

Want a good baseline for whatever you choose? Resolve it down to ppm per molecule and compare to the screenshot of a spreadsheet in any of my recent diaries - and old too for that matter. By knowing this, i can switch brands, adjust dosage and know i am hitting the ground running with a mix that has worked for 3 years on nearly every single plant i've every grown, discounting the genetically retarded... about the most i have to adjust is to add or subtract a little calcim nitrate to affect N levels. Everything else is well-balanced and ph-buffered. You won't have to pH your mix unless your tap water is toxic.