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Very easy to use! Great results:facepunch:
good to go, easy or complex, Advance Nutrition can cater for your budget, I will be sticking with these guys :wink:
Buenos fertilizantes, que ayudan a obtener un buen resultado.
I will have to do a side by side to really see the difference in outcome between a plant with or without.
SIempre conforme con los fertilizantes de Advanced, siempre ofreciendo buenos resultados.
I think I’ll give AN another chance in the future. I wasn’t 100% satisfied with it. It is very expensive where I live. This line up was $275+. I think my water quality did effect its efficacy.
Great Nutrients! I wish had had them allready from the start of this Plant. But the result for the 5 weeks i used them is amazing! :muscle:
Best nutes I ever used. Expensive but worth it.