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Green Buzz Liquids has been created to bring the best performance and quality out of your plants at all stages. They specialize in plant care with a balanced product range of special fertilizers, soil aids, plant aids, clone-gel and boosters for superior plant breeding.

Green Buzz LiquidsGreen Buzz LiquidsGreen Buzz LiquidsGreen Buzz LiquidsGreen Buzz Liquids

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Red Mandarine indoor
13 weeks
Red Mandarine indoor MarcXL
Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version®
53 comments · 2 months ago
Nova Og by Silky
21 weeks
Nova Og by Silky Silky_smooth
Nova OG
38 comments · 4 months ago
“Tree in rock” by Silky
21 weeks
“Tree in rock” by Silky Silky_smooth
Granddaddy Purple feminized seeds
14 comments · 5 months ago
Notorious in Club Riot
12 weeks
Notorious in Club Riot Mrs_Larimar
Notorious Kush Automatic
62 comments · 7 months ago
Fast Cheese
14 weeks
Fast Cheese Mrs_Larimar
Royal Cheese
73 comments · 9 months ago
Gorilla Breath
17 weeks
Gorilla Breath Mrs_Larimar
Gorilla Breath
54 comments · 11 months ago
19 weeks
CinderFellas Experimentgreen
66 comments · 11 months ago
Lemon Shining Silver Haze #2
19 weeks
Lemon Shining Silver Haze #2 KrautFabrik
Lemon Shining Silver Haze
113 comments · 12 months ago

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Zkittlez Fem. under SpiderFarmer SF1000
19 weeks
Zkittlez Fem. under SpiderFarmer SF1000 ClubRiot
Zkittlez Feminized
182 comments · 1 year ago
SHAMAN - Dutch Passion
28 weeks
SHAMAN - Dutch Passion Mrs_Larimar
140 comments · 1 year ago
 Bananas-In/ Outdoor+ 11 Tutorials
26 weeks
Bananas-In/ Outdoor+ 11 Tutorials Mrs_Larimar
Banana Krumble
111 comments · 3 months ago
Zkittlez Fem (Organic Nutrients)
16 weeks
Zkittlez Fem (Organic Nutrients) ClubRiot
Zkittlez Feminized
71 comments · 8 months ago
Chagalls Blue
17 weeks
Chagalls Blue Mrs_Larimar
49 comments · 9 months ago
Mokum’s Tulip - Mars Hydro TSW2000
18 weeks
Mokum’s Tulip - Mars Hydro TSW2000 Nebula420
Mokum’s Tulip
61 comments · 1 year ago
Notorious Kush Automatic by C.R.Seeds
14 weeks
Notorious Kush Automatic by C.R.Seeds ClubRiot
Notorious Kush Automatic
27 comments · 1 year ago
Gorilla Breath
17 weeks
Gorilla Breath Mrs_Larimar
Gorilla Breath
54 comments · 11 months ago
Time to get sexy (SexBud)
21 weeks
Time to get sexy (SexBud) WildeWeed
43 comments · 3 months ago

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1 week
SuperSiberia - SAN FERNANDO VALLEY Mrs_Larimar
5 comments · 1 day ago
Banana - Power
1 week
Banana - Power OimRausch
1 comment · 5 days ago
Red Hot Cookies
1 week
Red Hot Cookies OimRausch
Red Hot Cookies
5 comments · 5 days ago
The early Bird...
1 week
The early Bird... OimRausch
Early Skunk
2 comments · 4 days ago
1 week
Macarooooons... OimRausch
French Macaron
6 comments · 5 days ago
 Royal Triple G
3 weeks
Royal Triple G Mrs_Larimar
Triple G
11 comments · 3 days ago
Purple Queen
3 weeks
Purple Queen Mrs_Larimar
Purple Queen
18 comments · 3 days ago

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My darlings, unbeatable!

Have the Profischema product line in use

Show original
2 days ago

As in the last three reviews, I can only say one of my top fertilizers in the future :+1::pray::skin-tone-2:

1 week ago

I was allowed to test the fertilizer for the first time and I am absolutely thrilled :+1:.

Since I know my Kosher Tangie kush Pheno by heart like my own child :joy: I can say the taste has improved again :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::pray::skin-tone-2:.

Really great job what Green Buzz Liquids has brought onto the market :+1:

1 week ago

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Hello, I am watching and liking your products.
If you want to get shipping to Turkey.
Healthy days.