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Kannabia Seeds Domina Haze is another favourite marijuana variety from Kannabia feminized seed collection. It's a stable F1 hybrid of Jack Herer with a surprising scent of Haze. Though Domina Haze is mostly sativa, she looks and perform a bit different from any other marijuana sativa varieties. Showing better indoor performance, she doesn't mind to grow outside. Her feminized cannabis seeds grow into strong sativa looking plants of a manageable size. When grown outdoors, Domina Haze can grow as tall as 150-180 cm. She produces compact rounded sticky buds of mostly sativa, THC is 15%. High flower to leaf ratio, compact buds, good yields and exceptional resin production are some of the characteristics displayed by this wonderful Kannabia plant. The smell of this cannabis variety is mildly hashish, so popular between cannabis smokers. They describe its flavour as mild spicy and enjoy its very narcotic powerful effect. This "almost devastator" is a perfect choice for those who desire a heavy, lethargic stoned effect. The smoke is full bodied yet somewhat neutral in flavour. Her taste is hashish with a sweet spice after taste. As a typical sativa, Domina Haze produces a very energetic, uplifting and almost psychedelic high. Firm compact buds cover her thin sturdy stem; they glow with white crystals full of THC (15%). Growing difficulty is said to be normal - no special care is required. Kannabia feminized seeds are hand selected and thoroughly tested for their best qualities, 80% of germination is guaranteed. Domina Haze is known as a good yielder, she produce around 100 gr. of dried product per m2, not a bad result for a medium size sativa. If you are open for an improvisation, try to clone it - Domina Haze is perfect for cloning. Some cannabis growers top the plants to bush them up and get more cuts for cloning. A free tip - take cuts 20 minutes after fresh watering, you will be nicely surprised with the result.


Gender Feminised
Genes mostly sativa
Genetics Jack Herer x Black Domina
Harvest 400 gr/m2
Flowering 9 weeks
THC high

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