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Lindsay420 Apprentice
Auto Bluetooth
Growing it
Ok so as you know this was my first hydro grow n I decided to go with a strain I hadn't heard of but looked really good "AUTO BLUETOOTH " from MSNL and well I'm stoked I did :)

Straight of the bat she was a little stunted in soil first week didn't grow much n I got worried so thought stuff it il put it in a bubble bucket n see what happens lol so I contracted a bucket using an air fed drip system n washed off her roots n put her into the basket mixed up a batch of verry weak nutes n root stimulate n waited :) within few days she responded verrrry we'll n started growing fast! Within a week she looked beautiful n was really bushing up as weeks went by she went nuts starting to put on 1.5 to 2 inches a day by this stage roots where also filling the bucket fast then as autos do she started to flower :) n with that came mad stretch lol by this stage I tried to lst which failed as she was stiff n actually snapped branch half off the stem which I tied back on using garden string lol within 4 days it had healed n I was stunned so I thought she's tuff let's test her haha and then snapped every branch on the plant n not nicely lol within 2 days you would have even known what I'd done lol except it opened her up more n alowed me to then tie her down a bit :) over the next week I watched massive knuckles start to form and growth in both plant size and flower exploded again within a couple more weeks she had filled the tent pretty much 3x3 and was starting to see a lot of crystal :) she then hit Cruze mode and I watched as she turned into the biggest auto I've ever grown by far :) by the end the smell was amazing and the buds where just glistening I literally had not a single issue with this strain just changed res once a week topped up water as she drank n she did the rest lol and yeild well that was verry decent for an aut HIGHLYY RECOMEND!!!
1 year ago