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DeathEvil Master
Jack Herrer
Growing it
Growing it was easy, although she was somewhat compact and needed more trim from the bottom to really spread the wings. The bud itself is quite great as you would expect from a legendary strain. Definitely going to give this one another go, because I know I can get much better yield with it. Recommended
5 months ago
TheDrGreenThumb Apprentice
Jack Herrer
Growing it
Had a lot of issues near the end the branches were much weaker than other stuff and the production was lame
7 months ago
ElevatedThinking Apprentice
Jack Herrer
Growing it
She grew incredibly tall and had lots of spacing in between the nodes during veg, but she fared really well when LST is done right will develop massive, thick and long colas dense with resin and tons of crystals. She will need support as she fills these colas out. She will smell of sweet pine with some spiciness. She was absolute dream and handled big feeds are increasing little by little. Recommend trimming bottom branches and leaves in between colas LST'ing them to same height and you're golden!

She's straight fire -- feels like most potent I grew this round! Every time you open the back it's like you've taken off to the islands. Smoke is like a sweet citrus funk and hits you very quick. It's not just a head high, I would describe as a 50/50 body and head hitter (not for the occasional smoker either, it's strong). After a few more minutes your whole body and head are tingling hardcore and you want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. I don't feel as focused with this strain, not lazy enough to do nothing, but doing serious mental work isn't happening, you want to just relax and float off.
9 months ago