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♚Cubensis 1.0 - Project Contam Jam

2 months ago
Psilocybe Cubensis Custom Breeder & Strain
LED / 1W
LED / 1W
Room Type
Grow medium
Grow medium
Grow medium
Grow medium
Germination Method
Custom Breeder & Strain - Psilocybe Cubensis
Psilocybe Cubensis
Custom Breeder & Strain

Growing it




Very different compared to weed. A very humbling experience.

I added sour, woody, earthy in the review, but the sour part isn't sour as in lemon-sour. It has the taste of mushrooms of course, but also a taste that is kinda sour, but in a metal/chemical kinda way. 5.8gram might not sound as that challenging to drink, but after adding water and mixing it in the blender I ended up with a product that would make me vomit if I gulped it down for sure.

So I added vinegar, some garlic, black pepper and a pinch of dried ginger and made a similar salad on the side. Then took a bite of the salad, chugged down the cubensis shot (more like a protein shake) and then kept eating the salad, like nothing happened. It worked.

Then I took a shower in the darkness and barely had time to turn off the water before it kicked in; hard!
I crawled out of the shower, highly intoxicated and managed to gather up some laundry to rest my head on, while positioning myself in what i'd describe as a fetal-position before I was unable to move whatsoever (I was worried I'd be unconscious and die in my pukes). The paranoia dissipated the further into the dreamlike state I went and the concept of self went from abstract to non-existing.

The Outcome
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
1 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
50% Sativa
50% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Commented by MalumProhibitum MalumProhibitum

I feel like this wouldn't be an honest diary without attaching some failures popping up along the way, so here is a photo-montage of the harvest, followed by the prestige:japanese_goblin: Pretty decent harvest given the amount of substrate used.

63g fresh.

5.8g dried.

MalumProhibitum week 3

After completing the cubensis project - Grow cubensis from spores & try the mushrooms, I have developed a deeper understanding of the difference between "clean" and sterile. The number of ways one can fail along the way seems disproportionate to the amount of paths leading to success :joy::sweat_smile::unamused::dizzy_face::sob:

I've also developed a deep respect for the mushrooms and what we experienced together, they are a part of me now and even though I won't try this again for a very long time, if ever do it again I don't know I'll still grow some more just in case. I'm pretty content now:yum: Like taking a slingshot ride into space, only to wake up and realize it was the inner space, but very much different from dreaming and very much more detailed than seeing. The whale sonar developing in my forehead initially was vastly more powerful and detailed compared to my tiny eyes, while the body was dissolving, hands and feet first, moving inwards until my eyes were no longer relevant, being ignored by the brain who in turn presented me with a picture so much crisper/clearer than anything I've experienced before. Like trying to explain to someone watching 144p videos what 4k looks like or mine-craft compared to reality. Then the brain dissolved like zooming in on the big screen in a theatre, ending up where they were doing the recording, everything not being flat anymore like when it gets presented on the big screen, my experience was real and not mere flashing 2d images put together frame by frame in front of the audience.

I had some ideas pre-this experience to mix weed and shrooms for a nice boosted amusement park ride sort of. But in hindsight I feel that would be disrespectful to my cubensis teacher somehow and the consequences would be severe. I don't know I might change my mind later on.

I can still see signals passing through the cornice close to the ceiling and in patterns resembling straight lines in the house, like high-speed beams of glowing information coursing through everything surrounding me. My head feels as it has gone through a factory reset, clean like an old hard-drive that just went through a fragmentation, organizing it & putting everything back at it's proper place.

I've decided to reflect on things for now, and pause anything more psychedelic than my morning coffee.

Take it easy dude, but take it --Terence McKenna.


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@MalumProhibitum, love that meme, loads of good memes on r shrooms


@ZzPot, haha no I didn't kno that! I haven't had any new visuals, but it has passed few days now too. I don't take much coffee either, just 1-3 teaspoon(s) instant-coffee to get rid of my morning-deep-sleep-hangover. The attempt was semi successful but still have some storm-clouds forming mentally, especially in the back of my head, not to mention the stress of hearing cars honking, kids screaming and what not.. but it was worse few days ago, then it was like a little breakup:sweat_smile: Did a quick visit to the garage, but just looking at the bike made me switch to a pair of track-shoes instead, and a 2h walk; just got home. A cold shower now and some blank staring into nothingness; phone off and things will soon be back to "normal" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I understand what you mean with life-decision choices and the brain playing games. At the moment I feel I maybe should retire my grow, put the mycelium in the bin, and try to do normal things for a change. But I think that too is from my brain not yet being restrained and bent to my will completely haha

Day #14 today on my NL grow, so got plenty 'o time to figure what my future might be shaped into, and for now just keep the course I had before the trip :ocean::waving_black_flag:‍:skull_and_crossbones:

Highly relatable picture I stole from reddit, hope the link works:


@MalumProhibitum, hahaha ah yea , it's really good that you're sensitive and aware of this, that's because i've seen dozens of people take pretty huge life decisions a week or two after huge trips and i remember looking back on that like "yea they were clearly on a come down that's why they quit their job" mostly it ends in tears unless you're acutely aware of what's happening . I'm happy knowing i dont have to worry about you at least not for that. Good on you finding ways to adapt! (and btw everytime you drink a bit too much coffee now, you'll get some "visuals" but it's from being more sensitive to it , who knew coffee was psychedelic right? :rocket:

DoDrugs420 week 3

You rock that Psilocybe Cubensis i love it.


@DoDrugs420, I wish I had the same touch with shrooms, as I have when growing Marijuana. I could probably post nine journals ending in mold, yeast and bacteria bonanza. I've had some success, including this mini-grow I posted, but most ending up in the compost, then eventually mixed with soil and then mixed with more soil.. some ground up eggshells etc, thrown in a bucket with a Marijuana plant on top:joy::sweat_smile::sob:


@DoDrugs420,:sparkling_heart: thanks!