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2 days ago

Interview with @Bigpun!

¨...Before GrowDiaries I shut myself off from the world  because of my head injury. GD has allowed me to take baby steps back into the world and lets me communicate with people. it really means a lot...¨

1 week ago

While the giveaway problem has understandebly attracted an incredible amount of attention recently, we decided to reveal a couple of NEW aspects of the contest that will be implemented by the next month.

2 weeks ago

¨...The only ones that know I grow is my wife and you all here in GD, she doesn’t like it but when she sees that this works and makes me feel a lot better she is more understanding. She has gotten her husband back in some way...¨

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3 weeks ago

Interview with Master Grower @GardenOfAutos

¨ the moment i'm looking for a new job, before i worked at a dog breeder/puppy mill that used to import puppies that were to young and sick, i saw a lot of bad things there¨

3 weeks ago

“Do What You Can and Hope for the Best”

4 weeks ago
Hello Fam!
New Master Grower hit the place  
1 month ago


Have you seen the new update? What do you think about it?

1 month ago

Woo, Family! TEN Growers are getting amazing prizes by Female Seeds this month! September with Ministry of Cannabis and Big Plant Science!