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Muscadine Wine - bred by Wicked_Stix

4 weeks ago
Muscadine Wine Custom Breeder & Strain
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Week 12
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Commented by Creepy_Steve Creepy_Steve
4 weeks ago

FD 45 -- In the midst of 7th week of flower.

Garlic Storm - Nice and frosty. These develop so fast they have looked like "nugs" since before day 40. I'll harvest these fairly soon as they aren't getting any denser. Floppy bitches, though.. high maintenance plants if you grow them large, which is not a good trait in my opinion. Adds a lot of useless work. Hopefully i can breed this plant with other exclusive genetic lines that have similar traits in near future... Hopefully, it will reduce some of the genetic depression. Still looking forward to this smoke. It's sweet and tasty. Will be curious how the GS x BB fem seeds turned out. Planning a short vege run to avoid high maintenance of these plants.. .greater number / smaller plants.

Buttermilk Biscuits - Didn't have high expectations of this plant, but wow.. it's got a sugary cereal smell to it and forming dense nugs. Like garlic storm, it's a floppy bitch with mostly golf ball nugs, though. Extremely high-maintenance due to weak structure that can't hold its own weight... which isn't even excessive despite being only a moderate yielder. Still look forward to the BB smoke... in hindsight i would have done a larger proportion of garden with this bud.

Muscadine Wine - not too impressed with how these 2 have developed. Nugs are small. Plant is floppy. Sugar leaves are caked but i don't smoke sugar leaves. I don't think they'll fatten up much more. Yield will be too low to justify keeping it even if it tastes great.

Frozen diesel - Looks good. While a bit lanky like the rest, it is definitely sturdier. It can hold its own weight. Yield is at least moderate. Can't get a read on aroma yet... seems a bit mild on that front.

Herercane - One is stocky and one is lanky like the others. No surprise on structure as many of these share similar genetic background and/or original breeder (inhouse genetics is a large proportion of total among all of them). The stocky one smells like gas, so not my cup of tea. The other has potential relative to my preferences on flavor, though still mild like frozen diesel.

While garlic storm is ahead of the pack, i don't think any of these will take much longer than the speed demon. I'll try to power through, but the battle with wpm is about to take a turn for the worse. It won't be held in check for much longer. Daily h2o2 foliar applications occurring. i've found nearly all home-remedies are total bullshit. Secondly, wshing off the surface isn't actually removing the poblem. Mycelium network forms in days.. if you can see it on the leaf, it's got a huge network just below the surface too... being clean to the eye is not "clean" ... that would be lying to yourself.

I'm sure i'll have to throw out 10-20%... which just allows me to justify a second smaller run. LOL. Will have a week to throroughly clean tent. Then in the 6months off i'm going to look into ways to kill dormant spores lingering in house. Also going to change SOP. Will step back from the goal of 1 grow per year and do 2 smaller grows to spread risk out. Also, while i may not do a full sea of green as that would be a shit ton of substrate to buy, i will go with more plants with a shorter vege time. Less time = less risk and less congestion in regard to air flow. Also, floppy plants are much more easily handled when they aren't large... often times don't even need support when a tad smaller. FCS, gotta buy different sized nursery pots, again... i might as well open a store. i've got variety and quantitiy!

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Em_grows week 12

God damn that’s some frosty bud! I wish you could email me some lol