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Pineapple Express fem

2 weeks ago
LED / 75W
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Coco Coir
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Grow medium
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Commented by Buds2k22 Buds2k22
2 weeks ago

Cut back on the feed this week as was warned it’s showing signs of nitrogen toxicity have notice growth but ph has raised 1. In last 3waterings/feeds) was at 5.9 start of week now 6.3 any advice or tips on that or any other noticeable issues or room for improvement?! Looking to change her too 12/12 cycle once happen with a height that won’t outgrow the pot !

Grow Questions
Buds2k22 week 4 started grow question 3 weeks ago
Any corrections needed ?
seems to be some progress getting more leafy but not really got taller yet?! Ppm and ph both sitting right about where I want it ! Been feeding after every water ! Any advice would love to hear it ! I’m starting to think this will take longer then the (12weeks planned thoughts ?
Plant. Too short
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GrowingGrannie answered grow question 3 weeks ago
Couple of things here... first, you're massively overfeeding your plant... Although you haven't started to see problems like a calcium deficiency begin yet, it will soon. Autoflowers are rather "tender" things that usually only require half the "recommended" doses of a nute line's feeding chart.... and they need to be introduced slowly (first feed should be about 1/4 strength) to make sure the plant will tolerate them. Your plant isn't exhibiting any real aversion to the nutes - which is good - but the amount you're giving them needs to be cut down or you WILL start to have problems. At this point, I would give them plain pH'd water for the next week just to get rid of some of those nutes... and when you start feeding them again, only give them 1/2 strength.

I will disagree with growmies who say you shouldn't be feeding them bloom nutes... this is about the time you should be introducing them for an autoflower... helps get them ready for flower. I've even started bloom nutes on a couple of my grows BEFORE I gave them grow nutes... But again, the amount needs to be cut down a lot.

As far as them not getting taller - they don't need to! That's because your lights are too close to them and they don't need to reach for the light. Bring your lights up to about 12-18" away and you should start to see more height...

Good luck!
Buds2k22 week 5 started grow question 2 weeks ago
Tips On rising ph ? Or is not too much of concern at this point ? Also any other useful information to improve her would be great :)
Feeding. Other
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Ezzjaybruh answered grow question 2 weeks ago
Umm pH in or out ? I don’t think you’re at N tox like you say in your diary.. could be borderline but most good grows push that edge in Veg.

Just keep putting the proper pH inputs in and don’t worry much about runoff output unless it’s wayyy off or Ec is skyrocketing
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MrGrowthSpurt week 5

Those are some happy and healthy looking plants, great job!:muscle:


@MrGrowthSpurt, they got cut to shreds so not that happy now! Rip