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White Widow Auto (small grow)

6 months ago
Room Type
Grow medium
week 10
Ministry of Cannabis - Auto White Widow
Auto White Widow
Ministry of Cannabis

Growing it




Will update soon, just harvested and yielded 140grams. Did a very sneaky thing and put two small buds in the dehydrator because I wanted one.

Clean taste, nice smell, fully body stone and on a good level. I coughed first time, after that smooth as silk.. Very happy with the weight and size, next widow will definately be different as I've gone through I full update of growing media. I don't know if it was because of its nute deficiency I used a good carp based fertelizer most of the time at the start and the soil had feed in it too. It wasn't until the cal mag arrived that I feel she got what she was starving for, I had egg shells in the soil too so she def needs a lot of calcium magnesium for next time. Still very happy. Not a lot of trichomes and she is somewhere between grass and broccoli, as she has that broc look inside her buds. I will upate again when the weight is dry. until then enjoy my dairy, It feels good to be trackin my grow, keeps me organized.

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
900 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
60% Sativa
40% Indica

Positive effects


Cal mag came just in time for me to treat her at the end, very happy with their products

Again my nutes only arrived at the end of the cycle but I did use them, I noticed a differece straight away


not this actual tent but the same size. now, before the auto was in a much smaller tent

Grow Questions
MarijuanaFarmer week 10 started grow question 7 months ago
When you're growing buds...
Next time should I remove more leaves around the bud sites?
Leaves. Other
Experimentgreen answered grow question 7 months ago
I think your bud sites are looking great. I'm usually big on removing a large amount from the bottom of the plants and then i evaluate each one on how much i should take from the top. If you're getting a lot of light being blocked then yes I'd remove some, but we also have to remember that leaves are photosynthetic real estate and we need them to do all the work. So looking at your photo this week i don't think you didn't remove enough, they look good to me.
Happy harvesting. :v:
MarijuanaFarmer week 10 started grow question 7 months ago
Distance of the lights to the plant LED
How far is everyone hanging the light from the plants?
Does anyone just leave the light at the top of the tent?
Should I move my lamp often?
I'm using a 900w LED with 5w chips
Setup. Lighting
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AuldKelt answered grow question 6 months ago
Your Viper Spectra 900 specifications suggests using a height of 28" to 32" during vegetation, and a height of 20" to 24" during bloom. The PAR map they provide is done at 28". Their recommendations are good guidelines and you should consider sticking with them.
That said, the light output is less than I prefer, especially during early vegetation. I like my ladies short and full-figured...they always produce numerous budlet stems when I keep them bright early on, so I'd probably try them at 24" , then drop that to 18" in bloom, subject to heat gain.
take Care.
MarijuanaFarmer week 11 started grow question 7 months ago
Can I use hydro nutes in soil?
I just bought some cyco nutes and saw on the back of the bottle (which they never show) that its for hydro only... Can I use hydroponic nutes in soil? if not what nutes are good for soil only?
Feeding. Other
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Kushgrwer420 answered grow question 7 months ago
If it says hydro only than follow directions theres no turning around from using wtong nutes almost always damage of some sort. Thats not worth loosing precious veg time to a nute burn. So id say no dont try it...thats my opinion
blendmedmedman answered grow question 7 months ago
yes you can use hydro nutrients for soil, you would use just a bit less. the nutrients are best for hydro as they are stronger, any nutrient you can use vise versa i believe some companies make them and then put different labels on bottles to get money out of us growers. remember less is more. and your garden looks great
DoDrugs420 answered grow question 7 months ago
Altho i agree completely with the8thchevron, i think you might want to stay away from the complexity of hydro, i do the same myself.
After a couple years of soil growing it might be a better adventure to explore hydro. When u will take it more as a complex challange instead of being a pain in the S.
MarijuanaFarmer week 12 started grow question 6 months ago
How to flush properly
I'm currently flushing my plant which is growing in soil (11 liter pot)
How long should I flush for? I am using cyco kleanse for the flush
What does everyone else do? Any tips would be helpful..
Thanks in advance :)
Other. General questions
DoDrugs420 answered grow question 6 months ago
Well, use 16.5 liters of water in total, if you are using a flushing additive no point in adding it to the whole water just use it with the last 4 liters of water or even 3 will do it to leave the product on the soil.

But honestly mate... don't flush, where is the evidence that flushing actually does anything but starve the plant? There isn't solid evidence, its all just perceived anecdotal evidence, why will u starve ur plant because others say it does good? Would u jump of a cliff if everyone was full of bandages and telling you, yeah mate, i jumped too, and there was a lepricon with a pot full of gold, trust ME. ... i think i will pass.
Just let em get that last growth, instead of flushing i would recomend using a last stage bloom booster, something like "Big Boom 52/34 PK" get those ladies fat, no diet at the end game mate.

Good luck growmie, wish you the fattest of buds.

Stay liiiiiit.
heizen week 12

Nice grow mate, plants are looking good, keep it up, imma follow this one upclose.