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Mars hydro I must say I will not be switching no time I love these lights and the footprint are great from seed to harvest Mars hydro
The best i know for low budget projects.
Mars Hydro lights work fantastic. This is my first complete LED grow, and I'm very impressed. This 450 watt LED replaced my 1000 watt HPS light perfectly, and uses less than half the power! Amazing.:raised_hands:
I liked this light a lot, i will continue to use this light in the 2x2 tent i have as long as it continues to work.
MarsHydro know how to build LED modules. TS 600 ideal for 0.36 sqm.
Absolutely perfect light for my 2x2” tents. Excellent coverage to the sides and good light penetration right to the bottom. Highly recommend for beginners and or people using small tents like I do :+1:
My first lights. No notes.
Non credo sia stata colpa della lampada dato il marchio, avrà altre possibilità
My plants grow big and beautiful what else could you ask for! The FC-E3000 is easy as heck to put together <3