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12 months ago
1 year ago
Your plants look like they are doind a little better. I would like for you to check out the nutrients that I use and am very passionate about because I am convinced they are the best plant nutrients on the market. The name of the company is Rooted Leaf Agritech. They are a new company that produces a very cutting edge carbon-based nutrient line that is made from almost 50 different organic land and sea based plants. These plants, depending on the product are mixed and fermented with what the company calls "Precision Chemistry" to produce a product that is light years ahead of any other nutrients on the market. These nutrients are 100% bioavailable with tons of carbon in the form of organic acids that can be use immediately by the plants. Some of the benefits of using Rooted Leaf's nutrients is the fact that there is no need to PH the solution after the nutrients are added. The CEO and inventor has also said that using Rooted Leaf's nutrients give the plants the same amount of carbon that they would get in a sealed room with about 3,000 PPM of CO2 in the room, but the forms of carbon in the organic amino acids in the nutrients are a much better form of carbon that can be used right away and the plants don't have to work hard to break them down like they would have to with CO2. There are many, many other reasons for using Rooted Leaf's nutrients as well. On their website they have a 5 minute video which explains what they are all about and why there nutrients are different. I like there nutrients so much that I reached out to the CEO and asked if I could be a representative. You can check out my most recent grows using Rooted Leaf nutrients and see for yourself how well they work. I have used General Hydroponics, Grow Dots and Recharge, and also Green Planet nutrients and the Rooted Leaf nutrients have been by far the best. I never have any issues or deficiencies with my plants and get some extremely frosty and strong smelling nugs. If after checking it out you decide you would like to try their nutrients out, you can use the coupon code "Budders" that they gave me, which is 20% off all products. I think it takes about $40 off the cost of a starter pack. So far I have gotten three grows off my starter pack, and will probably get two or three more. Anyway, check it out if you want to, and let me know if you have any questions or anything.