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@Chi_Town_White_Boy, howdy, Well I'm going to have to put it on the list. That's actually the biggest problem with Autos, you want to grow everything ;¬) tl;dr Autos are more fun. my Auto-Glueberry, was from Dutch Passion, so all I can say is the ones I've tried which was that one and a Blueberry photoperiod grown outdoors from a place called marijuana-seeds in the Netherlands. And I can say that the Auto Glueberry I grew that had the same chocolate minty, beefy, complex delicious taste as the Blueberry, but it got banished to the garden. (it's all in the grow) However I have two beans left and that will definitely be in the next grow. Maybe all the strains with the word 'blueberry' in it have this quality. I do not know, I can only say what I've tried. I used to grow photoperiods from clones 20+ years ago, pretty well the same as I'm doing now but with HPS, instead of LED. For me Autos have been an absolute game changer. The biggest pain in the ass for me with photoperiods was the 12 hour dark period, it's so annoying. To not have to care about the light which also means it can be in an open room meaning I can make it really minimal and simple. I can start seeds and put them in the room at any time. All in a tiny little space because they're autos. That's my take anyway. I'd like to do a photoperiod for fun where I grow it as long as I need to to train it into some sort of bonsai a foot tall, but at the moment I'm happy to experiment with autos. I want to try growing three plants out of one of my hydro pots. So the total size is equal to one big plant, I'm thinking about it. I might have to wait until I come across something that will work. Or I might just do two at first. For me vaping has also been a game changer. Not actually smoking the material, just vaping off the volatile oils means the entire concept of taste from badly cured buds doesn't matter. I knew my glueberry from the garden was going to be a winner when I clipped a fresh bud off and cut it up and dried it in an over on 80C for 40mins, and I could instantly taste all the wonderful classic blueberry flavours. Imagine that putting a fresh chopped bud in the oven for a quick dry must be about the very worst think you can do to make the most horrible dope to smoke. But stick that in a vape that is purely convection only and it's not very far from the finished product. I am currently working on new ways to cure my dope because I think this fixation on making buds look pretty, is the wrong way to go for me, that's for sure. Now I will crush an ounce of cabbage, into the size of one of the old film canisters. You know the ones that would hold a roll of 35mm film. I've just tried it and while it doesn't look as photogenic as a pretty bud with all the lovely trichomes falling off, it smokes better and gets you more ripped because you losing nothing, you don't see the trichomes any more because they are all soaked into the buds. And Autos are really so much fun to grow. I haven't even grown one and let it do it's own thing yet. My aim is to get the plant as good as I know it can get, without using any additives at all, then and only then will I be in a position to do more testing. I don't even have any trick lighting, like UV or Far Red in the 730nm band. Best to see what a plant can do without that first otherwise you never know.

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Green Crack
Growing it
Grew like a champ! I think I could do better with the grow next time, particularly in watching my nutrient level more closely. Plant did well considering my mistakes.
3 days ago
Critical Jack
Growing it
This was my first photoperiod (by choice), my first SCROG, and my first mainline. A lot of firsts. My inexperience certainly played a role in the final yield, but the plant did amazing! It was completely covered in trichomes, moreso than any of my plants before. She smells great, smokes well directly from the drying rack, and leaves a smell of pineapple on your fingers after you smoke. I'm low on my stash so I'm jumping right in. It's a great high that doesn't make you feel tired. Definitely recommend!

SMOKE REVIEW: Wow! It's been curing for about 5 days now, and its at a point where it's perfectly dried -- nice and fluffy to the squeeze. The nugs are nice and dense. I thought I would get nothing for yield, but all of the small little nugs harden up and become super dense. I still think I screwed up a bit and likely could have gotten a bigger yield, but that's for next time! Smoking this at day's amazing. It is definitely an upper. I am just super high...seriously, I can't remember a time I was this high. This strain is a 10.
3 weeks ago
Cream Cookies
Growing it
This girl was fun to grow! She handled topping well, even though FastBuds is against topping their autos. She went a bit longer because of topping, but she filled out really nicely. She smelled like chocolate throughout flowering...looking forward to a cure and smoke!
2 months ago